Meet the Doctor

Dr. Gonoud has been helping people discover the benefits of chiropractic at his office located at 4191 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx NY 10465. As a chiropractor with experience he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free. Not only does Dr. Gonoud treat patients with medical issues but also for wellness care.

Dr. Gonoud has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1988. He was awarded for his outstanding performance and serving nature toward chiropractic care by the New York Chiropractic Council regents committee on December 2003. He is the vice president of the New York Chiropractic Council. Doctor Gonoud was also awarded the Peter G. Mirto award for distinguishing himself by his passionate and uncompromising perserverance in government affairs to secure access to chiropractic services to the people of New York in November 2008.


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Associations & Memberships

  • Vice president of the New York Chiropractic Council


Meet Our Staff

Our staff has been helping people live pain free since this clinic opened in Bronx, NY 10465. The staff is experienced and committed to promoting health.

Staff Member

Hello, my name is Suheiry Rivera. I have worked for Dr. Gonoud as the front desk manager for almost two years. At Community Chiropractic of Throggs Neck we treat you like family. Here you will receive the care that you deserve. You will have the full and very best chiropractic experience. I enjoy helping our patients achieve the best results and seeing them get back to 100%. We believe in a healthy approach and lifestyle. Our staff, I included, are examples of the effectiveness of Chiropractic Care. On my free time I train as musical theater performer and as such, Chiropractic plays a huge role in my life. It keeps me in optimum health. I know we can help you reach your maximum health as well. Call to schedule today!


Staff Member

Hi my name is Carol Romano; I have been working for Dr. Gonoud for almost four years, although I have been a patient of his since I was a toddler. Community Chiropractic is a family based practice that focuses on returning and keeping your health at an optimum level. Chiropractic care concentrates on aligning your spine to maintain balance in your nervous system to help function properly. Dr. Gonoud continues to alleviate my back pain and can provide relief for any pain you have. Even if you aren’t experiencing any pain, the primary goal of chiropractic treatment is to preserve your well-being. Call to schedule an appointment today!


Staff Member

Hello, my name is Kristina Vega; I am 25 years old and a mother to a 5 year old little girl. I have been working for Dr. Kenneth Gonoud at Community Chiropractic for almost a year. My experience has been very enjoyable and educational; I never knew how beneficial chiropractic care was to your health. Before working here I used to suffer from upper back pain. Dr. Gonoud has helped relieve my pain with weekly adjustments. Now I was can sit or stand for long periods of time without feeling any pain. In this office, I work as a chiropractic assistant. My job is help the patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while they get back on track with their health. We want you to feel at home here in our office.